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About Local Government Directory
204 - Demo The Ministry of Panchayati Raj (MoPR) has undertaken e-Panchayat Mission Mode Project(e-Panchayat MMP) with a view to introduce and strengthen e-Governance in Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) across the country and build associated capacities of the PRIs for effective adoption of the e-Governance initiative. Under this project, Panchayat Enterprise Suite (PES) has been conceptualised which comprises 11 Core Common applications. At present, Panchayat Enterprise Suite has been deployed/operational with 10 Core Common Applications and GIS layer module is under conceptualisation. The operational modules includes LGD(Local Government Directory), Area Profiler(Socio-economic & general details), PlanPlus(to strengthen Decentralised & Participatory Planning), PriaSoft(Panchayat Accounting), ActionSoft(Works/scehme implementation Monitoring System), NAD(National Asset Directory), Service Plus(To facilitate Service Delivery), Social Audit, Training and National Panchayat Portal(Dynamic Website of Panchayats)

Local Government Directory will be used by the Central and State departments who are responsible for forming new States/UTs, new Districts, new Sub-Districts, new villages and new local government bodies as well as changing their status , name and formation.204"

Is there any option to change the Head Quarter details of the Local Body?

Yes, there is an option to change the headquarter of the local body.


What do you mean by (CT), which is displayed beside village in District wise mapped villages and village panchayats?

CT means Census Town.


How are the villages and village panchayats mapped with blocks?

While creating village panchayat or changing the covered area of village panchayat you can map villages with village panchayats and these villages if not mapped with blocks can be mapped with the operation 'Assign blocks to villages unmapped'


Do we have the existing data of Local bodies and land regions in LGD?

Yes. All the existing data is ported in LGD until LGD is made online. New data need to be entered by you one LGD is made online.


There are no unmapped regions in our place, why we need to choose unmapped regions options for covered area?

 It is an optional field, if by any chance there are any unmapped regions you can choose them as covered area.


Most of the operations which are specifed in LGD are not done by the distirct officials then why we require to know about LGD?

As the data populated in other applications, which are used by district officials are populated by LGD. It is required to know the importance of LGD with other applications. If any data related to LGD  is not fetching in other application you will know that it is not updated in LGD, so that you can escalate that issue with the concerned officials.


 In create new Panchayat option is it necessary to fill all the fields?

The red star marked fields are mandatory you cannot leave them blank for rest of the fields  we suggest you to fill the fields as per information available to you, if you have all the information then you can fill them.


What is adding grade option? Is it mandatory?

After configuring your local government set up you will find the add grade option, this is not a mandatory field if your state is maintaining a grade policy then you can use the option or you may leave it blank.


Can LGD trace any change in the name of village that was done a certain years ago?

Yes there is versioning option in LGD from where you can see the active name of the village and if there was any old name that will also be visible with a status inactive. 


 If a village destroys due to natural calamities or any other reason how can we remove from records of LGD?

Go to invalidate village option from there you can declare a village as invalidated.


Is it possible to convert a RLB to ULB?

Yes. You have an option to convert RLB to ULB in LGD.


Can we define our Panchayat set up through LGD?

Yes you can define it from Define Panchayat set up and from there you can select 2 tier or 3 tier whatever you are following by selecting check boxes, you can also name them according to your local language.


District creation option is not available?

This will not be visible to District level users, we will include this for state level users.


Last updation date is not visible. Like we want to see the last updation of database for a particular district or block so that we can start updation after that date?

Last updation date will be associated with each entity. Each district can verify the data available in LGD(ported from National Panchayat Directory) and then start updating. Currently Last updation date is not shown, we will make it visible.


Login tracking for each user should be visible for state admin?

 Currently not available but it will be provided in future version.


Multi browser support is required?

Currently LGD works in IE8, IE9 Mozilla Firefox .


Divisional office(above district) & Sub. Division(SDO) entity are not available?

In the current scope of LGD, we have considered state, district, sub-district(tehsil) and village as Land Region entities. And this list we have taken from Census 2011 data. And only these entities were mentioned in MDDS standards on Land Regions . Once current version of LGD gets stabilized , we will consider other entities also.


Who have the rights to convert RLB to ULB?

Urban Development Department authorities.


Who authenticate the LGD codes for entites like ZP,IP,GP and municipalities?

LGD Application auto generates the Codes.


Who authenticate the LGD codes for entites like ZP,IP,GP and municipalities?

LGD Application auto generated the Codes.


LGD auto genrated codes for entites like ZP,IP,GP and municipalities can be used by the other application of the state?

All the other application in PES can use these codes as LGD is integrated with all the applications of PES. Applications other than PES can use LGD Codes for porting the data


What is the use of GIS node and in LGD how it helps to user?

GIS nodes will show the area of latitudes and longitudes in which entity lies.


Line departments doesn't use LGD then why line departments entries are here?

All the departments which are created in LGD will be used in other applications like ActionSoft, ServicePlus, AreaProfiler etc.


Can state specific code for entites like ZP,IP,GP and municipalities could be use for searching purpose?

No, because it is not a mandatory field. We have given option to search entities only with mandatory fields


We do not have connectivity in most of our offices so how can we practice after the training and how we will work on it when the application is live?

As we know that the connectivity is upto District Level so the district level user will play the role for all other levels.


We do not have Urban Local Bodies and Traditional Local Bodies?

 In future if there is any posibility of formation of ULBs and TLBs you must know how this work.


Why Do we need to upload Government Order?

Whenever there is a change in the Name, Coverage area or any such changes as specified in Configuring Govt. Order operations in Configure Settings New Govt. Order need to be uploaded. This is authentication of the changes.


Difference between "correction"  an "change"?

Correction is done for data entry error or to submit the past dated GO details, no new version will be generated. Whereas in Change exercise a new version is created and new GO details are to be submitted.


What is the  usefulness of download directory  in citizen section?

Here citizen can  download the directory of the selected entities (Land Region/Local Bodies) in LGD.


What is versioning?

When there is a Change in the primary information of a Village i.e., Coverage Area, Name etc. the version will be updated and the previous version will automatically will be deactivated and the new will be active. By this you can view the version wise history of entities in LGD.


Do we have optin to Convert a RLB to ULB?

We need to go to Convert Local Govt. Bodysection click on RLB to ULB link, where a form to convert RLB to ULB is displayed.


Can we enter names in LGD in our local language?

Yes, by using unicode font.


In which cases we have to upload government order / is it  necessary to upload government order every time when performing any action in LGD?

While configuring GO in Configure Settings tab we can see the list of Options for which it is mandatory to upload GO.


What is the difference between generate government order and upload government order?

Upload GO is when an order is received by a letter and u can scan the same in image (readable) format and can upload the same. Generate GO is that State can generate GO from the system itself.


What is the usefulness of search option in citizen section?

Citizens can easily search the entities of LGD by using keywords


What is the full form of LGD?

Local  Government Directory

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