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Primary objective of Local Government directory is to facilitate State Departments to update the directory with newly formed panchayats/local bodies,re-organization in panchayats, conversion from Rural to Urban area etc and provide the same info in public domain.

Key Features of Local Government Directory:

Generation of unique code for each local government body - each local government body is assigned with a unique code.
Maintenance of local government bodies and its mapping with constituting land region entities. For ex. gram panchayat mapping with villages.
Mandatory upload of Govt. order for each modification in the directory - to ascertain the users that the data published in LGD is authentic.
Maintenance of historical data - when modifications take place in LGD, the old values/data is archived.
Provision to maintain state specific local government setup.
Compliance with Census 2011 codes.
Facility to integrate with state specific standard codes - if any state is following standard codes for state level software applications, the same code can be linked to LGD code.